Research projects

European Union Inter-University Lifelong Learning Research Project: access and retention among non-traditional learners in Higher Education, Canterbury Christ Church University, Faculty of Education, 2007-11

Research diary

Reflecting on expressions of cultural identity and cultural criticism amongst secondary school leavers

Creative Partnerships Kent, 2006

This collaborative interdisciplinary research project engaged with 16-17 year olds currently preparing for their A levels at two schools in Kent. Reflecting on aspects of the curriculum such as citizenship, sociology and religious education, the project promoted the development of a deeper understanding of forms of expressed cultural identity in a multi-cultural environment. The notions of ‘difference’, ‘self’, ‘society’, and the perceived location of the individual at both local and global levels were discussed. The project sought to illuminate the interrelationships between lived experience and the production of cultural artefacts with visual and written outcomes.

Night Time Economy in Margate’ a research project for Canterbury Christ Church University, Department of Crime & Policing, 2006

This research project mapped the social development and the substructures for binge drinking amongst young [and old people] in Margate. In doing so it contrasted the sense of ambition amongst those who are engaged in business schemes concerning the regeneration of Margate and the opening of the Turner Contemporary art and cultural centre, and those engaged in making available cheap alcohol in pubs, bars and clubs.

AHRC Research bid, 2005, Canterbury Christ Church University, Faculty of Arts & Humanities.

A project for the study of the activities and contributions of young poeple in the developing diasporas around Canterbury.